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Choosing a Microphone

When it comes to recording live sound, choosing the right microphone is an important first step. Whether you are looking for the highest possible quality in a studio environment, or a tight response field to exclude background sound in an interview, we’re here to help you figure out the best products for your needs.

Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones are the gold standard when it comes to studio recording. This is due to their higher sensitivity when compared to dynamic microphones, resulting in clearer, more accurate recordings across a wider range of frequencies. However, these advantages don’t come without limitations. Condenser mics are more fragile and will have distortion at lower sound pressure levels than dynamic mics. Also remember that in almost all cases, a condenser mic will require a 48V phantom power supply. This is usually supplied by an audio interface. From our range of condenser microphones for sale, our top picks are the Shure KSM141 and Shure’s BETA 87A Vocal Microphone.

Dynamic Microphones

Dynamic microphones work great with live performance and loud sound sources. You’ll see them on stages, in interviews and used by popular bands across the world. Not just great for vocals, they also work well with guitar amplifiers, drums and other loud sources. This is due to dynamic mics’ ability to handle higher sound pressure levels versus condenser mics. Another advantage of dynamic mics is that they are generally more resilient and less prone to damage from rough use than condenser mics. Lastly, since dynamic mics can and usually are held very close to the vocalist, less background noise comes through when compared to condenser mics. This again suits live performance. Among Constellation Musical’s dynamic microphones for sale, some of our favorites are the legendary Shure SM7B and Shure’s specialist BETA 52A kick drum microphone.

Headset Microphones

When combined with a wireless system, headset microphones like the Shure SM35-TQG allow you to move freely while still projecting your voice throughout a large space. This type of microphone is perfect for a wide range of uses, such as fitness instruction, houses of worship and conference halls. Features to consider are battery life, range of the system, and of course quality of the microphone itself. On that note - Shure is one of the best brands, with many excellent customer reviews. Check out the AKG CM311 Headset Microphone with MiniXLR for one of our top recommendations.

Accordion Microphones

Accordions can be more difficult than other instruments to record due to the unique features of the instrument itself. There are mechanical sounds (button presses for example) to consider, as well as the non-uniform distribution of sound. While you can use a pair of condenser mics to capture a decent recording, this is where an accordion wireless microphone system really shines. A great example is the Harmonik AC50001-HQ, featuring high quality construction from the microphones to the electric contacts. The array of condenser microphones sits inside the harmonica, capturing the fine details of the instrument’s sound.

Microphone Accessories

No microphone setup is complete without accessories. From stands and pop filters to XLR cables and carry cases, we’ve got you covered here at Constellation Musical. Check out our range of highly rated Hercules stands, and head over to our microphone cables department to select the right cable for your needs. We carry a wide variety of lengths and connections, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. If you need help picking out accessories for your new mic, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 714-418-0186 and we’ll guide you through the process.

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